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Playing with characters

I had an idea, a while back, for a tabletop character with a heavy dose of creepy prophetic. The idea was to borrow Odin's two ravens - although it's occurred to me they could serve as more immediate tools than thought and memory. I had a notion to play a prematurely aged woman, scarred and disfigured, perhaps having traded her senses for those she could send away from her - sight and hearing - perhaps one eye and one ear? A friend tells me the new 5e features a warlock class I should look into.

There's something about sacrifices. I think it's the time of year - my circle is more than typically conscious of and curious about Christmas' origins - and thinking of Odin, and Mithras, and then the way this holiday would often enough conclude the slaughter. I had been thinking on what it would mean to make a trade - too often our ideas of magic are in violation of the primary tenets of reality, that is, that something can come from nothing. It's easy enough to handwave the silliness of witches' brews, the notion that a four-leaf clover and a cat's whiskers and a shaft of light from the last moon of the month could come together into something, but I want a scheme of magic that has costs and conservation of energy - maybe even imperfect transference, a resistance in the conduction. A magic-user might trade an eye for clairvoyant sight, but the potency of the new eye might be slighter, or the price steeper - perhaps it's one eye and a year of one's life? An eye and a full season in the working? So I didn't want to let it be taken lightly. Most magical bargains in the fictions I've read were simply too easy to say yes to.

Thus, Odin, and his symbolism. I'm likely to play the character as a woman - there's something that keeps a feminine presentation "home" for me - but I want her to be visibly marked. My other characters heretofore have been plain to mildly pretty, but strong-bodied and young enough to be assumed attractive; this woman could well be only in her mid-thirties and yet pass for much older due to her scars, the sag of her skin, her poor condition, lank hair and dull eyes. She is not dying; she is not decaying - that is not the nature of the magic or the bargain she has struck. But she is aged and weathered, a better part of her health taken from her.

She has bled in my mind to merge with the gods-merchant I thought of, as well; I don't think she's quite the same, as her motives are more self-serving. Perhaps she is what comes of the Second Volume; she-who-acquired, the woman who would glimpse the soul of the world...

May have to TBC here due to battery.