The Mirror and the Mask

attempting to honor a faceted truth

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I don't know what I am, but I know some of the things that I do. I make things sometimes, like websites, or art, or masks. I make things for other people when sufficiently motivated (I am easily motivated by the offer of monetary or other compensation). I enjoy attending renaissance faires and other opportunities to look at art and craft of many kinds and meet the artists. I also like to wear costumes and eat things that aren't good for me. I read books and sleep when I have time, which I haven't lately, and that's part of why my information is coming across so strangely.

If you would like to see some of what I do, I have a website under construction. A more complete gallery (well, for the time being) is up at my deviantArt page.

Disclaimer: This journal... well, I make no claims to being interesting or entertaining or that I won't whine. I post here largely when I need a space to talk - as I am so prone to do - about my life, or in particular my art, especially when I need to talk about it for the fortieth or fiftieth time and would like to give my friends a break, or if I want to record thoughts or an explanation about a piece that I can refer people to later. I am also prone to using this account to leave comments in a manner by which people can reply to me, or to post to one of a couple communities I am sporadically involved in.
I suppose what I'm saying is that as this journal is hardly my primary involvement on the 'net, and combined with a 24-7 actual life outside of any internet activities, I don't spend a lot of time here. I reply to comments... but that's about all one can expect.

Disclaimer the Second: This journal, being personal as aforementioned, does not represent in whole or in part the views of my employer or employers, clients, associates, coworkers, friends, vague online acquaintances, or in fact anyone not myself. Please don't hold the late-night internet ramblings of an artist against anyone fitting the descriptions of the excluded above, because I don't know where else I could find any other communities so wonderful as the ones I've got.

I finally got sick of the uggy colors I've had on my Livejournal page for the last age, and I've had no time to post, let alone edit, so I acquired a pretty skin from the Fulcrum community here. Many thanks!